Bonnie was born on May 16th in Taipei, Taiwan during the middle of night, while a little less than half of the Earth was asleep. Bonnie has a seven years older brother named William, who broke her finger when she was five. Other than that, he is an awesome brother. She moved to United States when she was fourteen, and has resided in San Jose, California ever since. Though she has a little foreign accent and not a best communicator, she enjoys conversing with others and meeting new people. Bonnie also happens to love dogs; she has a cocker spaniel and poodle mixed name Taro, and she loves Bonnie very much.

Bonnie just graduated from San Jose State University, studying Business Administration concentrate on Management Information System aka MIS. She is very passionate about anything relates to technology, and her biggest wish is to become second Steve Jobs. Oops, I forgot to mention -- minus the college drop out and the soul-searching trip to India.